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Path less trodden 1: In the Company od Santhals 11: Santhal quest for identity. It states that it requires enormous effort to stimulate a certain sense of urgency for change. And the only way to offer such a change is education, long-term education . The Statesman Kampchen, Martin February 12 & 13 6 & 8
). India, even at 25, people don't question things. They just accept what they're told by their parents. NA Hindustan Times Editorial NA February 2012 12.10
Protecting deserted wives: Women too need to be cautious NA Tribune Editorial NA February 2012 4.12
Bill to protect women: A new deal for domestic workers. NA Tribune Editorial NA December 2011 12.8
Too scared to act tough: Law against honour killings eludes India. NA Pioneer, Editorial NA February 2012 1.10
Participatory democracy: Civil society as part of governance. It states that the constitution can be amended to institutionalize the role of civil society in law-making and governance, including matters of policy and preparation of the budget. The Statesman Reddy, G Ramachandra February 2012 10.8
$ 1.5 billion to be raised for rural poor. NA Statesman Editorial NA December 2011 20.2
Managing inequality: Need to change the culture of the rich. It reveals that the solution will not come through poverty alleviation programmes run by the government because these are predicated on high profits and low wages which is the major reason behind social disparities. The Statesman Jhunjhunwala, Bharat January 2012 28
India's human wealth: Large population is not necessarily a burden NA Pioneer Editorial NA January 2012 6.8
News Network (2012). Siswa grampanchayat's powerfull girls. NA The Times of India NA January 2012 8.4
Jairam Ramesh advises NGO leader to stay away from politics. NA The Times of India Ghosh, Rudroneel March 2012 13.16
News Network (2012). NGOs' foreign aid: Rs 31,000cr in four years. NA The Times of India NA March 2012 15.11
56,000 homeless in Delhi, finds UNDP. NA The Indian Express Gupta, Geeta December 2011 8.2
Analysing guilts: Need for a strong human rights movement. NA The Statesman Ray, Achintya December 2011 21.8
Killing one's own: It's the mind on edge. NA The Times of India Jha, Durgesh Nandan Jha February 2012 9.3
). Contagion: Alzheimer's jumps from neuron to neuron in brain, finds study. NA The Indian Express Kolata, Gina February 2012 4.17
How India went from 741 (Polio) cases to zero in just two years: Only one third of the journey has been completed. NA The Hindu Kannan, Ramya January 2012 13.13
Cabinet clears mega Food Bill. NA Tribune News Service NA December 2011 19.1
Welfare at its best: Food Bill poses a huge challenge. NA Tribune Editorial NA December 2011 20.8
Dole, not wage It tells that in the NREGS, work is only a means of self-selection, not a source of earning. Economic Times Editorial NA January 2012 3.16
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