Name of The Book Authors Publisher Year of Publication Cost of The Book
Harvesting Feminist Knowledge for Public Policy Jain, Devaki Sage Publications 2011 Rs 795/-
Women and Society: The Road to Change Kolaskar, Ashok S Oxford University Press 2012 Rs 371/-
Women in Indian Borderlands Banerjee, Paula Sage Publications 2005 Rs 525/-
Women and Crime: A sociological study Roop Kamal Kaur Radha Publications 2011 Rs 625/-
Healing Narratives of Women: A psychological perspectives Anand, Jyoti Rawat Publications 2011 Rs 775/-
Empowering Rural Women: Micro-enterprise through achievement Motivation Wadhera, Kiron Sage Publications 2012 Rs 395/-
Feminine Power in the Mahabharata McGrath, Kevin; S T R I Orient Black-swan 2011 Rs 545/-
Behind the Beautiful Forever Boo, Katherine Hamish Hamilton 2012 Rs 374/-
Urban Community Development Thudipara, Jacob.Z Rawat Publications 2008 Rs 475/-
Jihad on two fronts: South Asia's Unfolding Drama Hiro, Dilip Harper Collins Publications 2011 Rs 699/-
Police in War: Fighting Insurgency Terrorism and Violent Crime Bayley, David. H Viva Books 2012 Rs 995/-
Wars, Insurgencies and Terrorist Attacks Niaz, Unaiza Oxford University Press 2011 Rs 1050/-
Naxalities and their Ideology Ray, Rabindra Oxford University Press 2011 Rs 325/-
Seal Target Geronimo Pfarrer, Chuck Quercus 2011 Rs 499/-
Women in Terrorism: Case of the LTTE Herath, Tamara Sage Publications 2012 Rs 595/-
Violence in Media and Society: Literature, Film & TV Bande, Usha Rawat Publications 2011 Rs 595/-
Understanding Caste: From Buddha to Ambedkar and beyond Omvedt, Gail Orient Black-swan 2011 Rs 195/-
Dalit Movement in India Hardtmann, Eva-Maria Oxford University Press 2010 Rs 295/-
Atrocities against Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribes Narwani, G. S Rawat Publications 2011 Rs 525/-
Rural Institutes Directory Vol - 1 National Council of Rural Institutes, Hyderabad Serial Publications 2010 Rs 495/-
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