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    Vishwa Yuvak Kendra (VYK) is one of the pioneering NGOs in India actively involved in empowering youth of our country. VYK, through its various activities and training, provides wide-ranging opportunities to youth for constructive participation in the larger arena of community life and in political and social life.


    Today, our society is facing a serious threat to its development from the problem of substance abuse.  Alarming number of people, particularly the youth, are addicted to substances like alcohol and drugs.  These substances not only affect the health of the youth adversely, but they also rob them of their ability to think lucidly and rationally.  To ensure that India’s tremendous youth potential is utilized optimally, we need to make sure that  the growing menace of drug abuse and alcoholism is tackled in a multipronged and effective manner. 


    Towards this objective, VYK  organized a National Youth Forum on Prevention of Drug Abuse on 18 February 2017 (Saturday) with the support of Society for Youth and Masses (SPYM), a reputed, national level NGO working in the areas of health, drugs, HIV-AIDS, Juveniles and for socio-economic development of the most marginalized population.


    Eminent resource persons  addressed the participants on the ill-effects of drug abuse and make them aware of its potential threat to our society.  There was also a group discussion among participants to deliberate upon the growing menace and to suggest ways and means to tackle the problem.  Around 300 youth representing various NGOs  attended the event.