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    To refurbish knowledge and skills in NGO sector in order to capacitate NGO workers with critical perspective and tools in the art of organizational management and development, and to promote credibility in NGO sector, Vishwa Yuvak Kendra is extremely delighted to announce five days training programme on NGO Management from 25-29, July 2017 which is going to be organized at its premises at Chanakyapuri, New Delhi.


    The following topics will be covered during the programme:


    Ø  NGO - concepts and functions.

    Ø  Legal procedures for formation of NGO and taxation.

    Ø  Mechanism and strategies to resolve the challenges / problems faced by the NGOs.

    Ø  Office procedure and documentation.

    Ø  Basics of accounting, budgeting

    Ø  Project Management – Basic concepts of project management, project identification, project life cycles and success factors.

    Ø  Corporate Social Responsibility : an overview

    Ø  Managerial communication skill and development.

    Ø  Funding agencies: Govt. NGOs, CSR.

    Ø  Project Proposal

    Ø  Liaison & Networking

    Ø  Monitoring and Evaluation.


    In this context, we request you to attend / depute representatives from your organization to participate in the programme