VYK Programme Activities

In 1959, the executive committee of the Indian Assembly of Youth came to the conclusion that if youth work has to be developed in the country on scientific lines, a national youth centre should be established, which would provide on a continuous basis, training in youth work to the workers of youth organizations. The committee also visualized the centre as an international meeting place for young people from all over the world. The discussions bore fruit and as a result, the Indian Youth Centres Trust was set up on 10th August 1961 by renowned leaders of that time, who recognized the important role that youth could play in National Development.

Indian Youth Centres Trust established Vishwa Yuvak Kendra as a charitable organization with the vision to develop youth work in the country on scientific lines and to provide training on continuous basis in youth work aimed at Nation Building. Since its inception, the Kendra has trained numerous youth workers, many of who have gone ahead and helmed national level institutions. To achieve its main objective, Vishwa Yuvak Kendra (VYK) conducts free educational and training programmes, seminars and workshops on relevant social issues, like education, health, entrepreneurship development, so as to enable youth workers working at the grass root level in the poorest and backward regions of the country to discharge their functions more efficiently. The VYK also provides relief to the poor youth.

VYK organizes free Vocational/Skill Development Training Programmes for youth belonging to the poorest sections of the rural sector in different parts of the country, where training is provided to them in various vocations in collaboration with different state level NGOs. VYK conducts follow up evaluation and monitoring studies with a view to ensuring that that the youth, after receiving the training are gainfully employed or are able to start their own venture and earn their livelihood. Since its inception, the Kendra has organized more than 400 programmes in various states of the country and has reached over twenty lakh underprivileged rural population, in collaboration with around 100 partner NGOs spread all over the country.

The Kendra also carries out its Integrated Community Development Programme in Vivekanand Camp, Chanakyapuri and Shankar Camp, R.K. Puram, for urban jhuggi-jhopri slum dwellers where it provides free regular medical care, conducts health camps, awareness generation programmes on cleanliness, health and hygiene, counselling sessions for pregnant women and young girls, and enlisting the women members of the families of the community to start an SHG for augmenting the familial income, getting drop out children of the project areas enlisted in age appropriate classes in government school. Apart from this, VYK also organizes remedial classes for the newly admitted children, and is conducting adult literacy classes in the Camps. The Kendra has also started computer classes for the children of Vivekanand Camp, Shankar Camp, Sanjay Camp and Anchal School - an NDMC school for differently abled children. Since inception, VYK has organized more than 500 activities in its adopted communities which have directly benefited more than 5000 residents over the years. All the activities of VYK are focused at the uplift of the socially and economically backward sections of society. The entire gamut of activities of these is carried on as a charitable service.

The Trust has also initiated a Sports and Cultural Programme recently, a programme specially designed for the benefit of children studying in NDMC schools in the Chanakyapuri area, aimed at inculcating a sense of socio-cultural awareness, democratic values and personal growth amongst the students. Regular sports activities are organized in the campus for children and Yoga classes are also organized for women and children. More than 200 children have taken part in these activities. VYK also launched a new initiative "Talk with Amazing Indians" last year. Under this unique programme, students from schools and colleges are provided with an opportunity to interact with courageous and path breaking individuals, who, as a result of their perseverance and innovative ideas, have managed to overcome all odds, and have managed to make a difference in their life as well as in the community. Nine such programmes have been organized in this Series till date, with a participation of more than 7000 students of various schools and colleges in Delhi. Another recent initiative of VYK has been to organize motivational film shows and documentary shows on informative subjects to children belonging to shelter homes, orphanages etc. Nearly 700 children have had the opportunity to learn important subjects through watching movies/documentaries.

As part of its charitable In-House Educational Programmes, VYK organizes - within its campus - training programmes, seminars, workshops and classes on various important subjects, for the benefit primarily of the disadvantaged rural youth from various parts of India, by way of training representatives of NGOs working in rural sector. The participants are provided free board and lodging during the education/training period. The Kendra also organizes Certificate Course Programme, in which youth workers carefully selected from various grass root level are provided education. During the education/training program period, the youth stay within the campus and all their expenses relating to their stay and board are borne by us. For this purpose a hostel with dining facilities is maintained. Free training classes/sessions are conducted in seminar rooms as well as an auditorium for larger programmes. No training fees are charged from the participants, except for a nominal registration fee from the sponsoring NGOs. So far around 50,000 representatives from nearly 800 NGOs from all over the country have been directly trained through our in-house training programmes. Considering that each of the concerned NGOs is known to serve a sizeable rural population, it is estimated that the training imparted by VYK would have reached anywhere between 20-25 lakh population.

Regular computer training classes, English speaking classes and Yoga classes are organized in the campus for children belonging to the JJ clusters and those belonging to economically backward sections. More than 600 participants have attended these classes till date, which are conducted free of charge as a charitable activity.