VYK In-house Programmes

Vishwa Yuvak Kendra (VYK) is a unit of Indian Youth Centers Trust (IYCT) which is a registered Charitable Trust. It is engaged in youth centric training and orientational programmes designed to facilitate young men and women in participating in the task of nation building as informed and motivated citizens. VYK organizes these in-house programmes at VYK Premises in Delhi targeting the youth of the most disadvantaged and marginalized sections of the society in virtually the entire country including backward and remote regions. The Kendra has to date conducted more than 1250 In-house and State-level programmes as well as other activities with the direct participation of over 1 lakh youth and has reached out, through partner NGOs, to a population of nearly 50 lakh nationwide.

The in-house training programmes are specifically designed for creating a fleet of young grass-roots workers who would, in turn utilize their newly acquired skills in their own geographical areas and generate social awareness among the communities and create a society which is aware and sensitive towards issues faced by the country.

Talk With Amazing Indians: Talk with Amazing Indians is the new initiative of VYK, which aimed to provide an opportunity to interact with courageous and path breaking individuals, who, as a result of their perseverance and innovative ideas, have managed to overcome all odds, and have managed to make a difference in their life as well as in the community. The endeavors of these courageous people have been documented by Times Now, English News Channel in their programme "Amazing Indians". Quality of life is the key of development. Various services like education, health and sanitation are still missing from many rural and urban parts of our country. Children and youth do not get quality education and other services at the most formative years of their life and this has severe repercussions on their quality of life, and awareness levels, which also make them unable to contribute to sustainable social and economic development of the community. "Amazing Indians" realized the missing link of quality of life between poverty and development and constantly working on it.