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Vishwa Yuvak Kendra conducts in-house training programmes, seminars and workshops on relevant social issues like education, health, entrepreneurship development. We also focus upon organizing State level thematic programmes and training, in collaboration with identified Sate organizations, on subjects of regional and national relevance, like disaster management, fundraising, right to information, NGO management, promotion of agro entrepreneurship etc. To further widen the reach of our programmes, we also organize seminars/workshops/training programmes at various Educational Institutions for imparting knowledge and skills to the students of our country.

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, the social scenario of the country has drastically changed and our socio-economic condition has been severely affected. It is imperative to change the style and manner of implementing programmes, taking into account the “new normal” lifestyle. To ensure this, re-strategizing, flexibility in activities and contextual decisions are key fundamental driving forces. Considering these facts, VYK is organising a series of webinars, in place of conventional programmes where the physical presence of participants is required. Like our regular programmes, these are organized on contextual topics for the benefit of representatives of CSOs in particular, and the common masses in general.

VYK is in process of initiating Livelihood promotion programs and Income Generating activities through reliable partners. The partner organization is being explored, for the Livelihood Promotion and Generation program, and will soon be launched.

We have also planned and organized a series of webinars on key social issues. The webinars are being conducted independently, with partner organizations and in collaboration with institutions. The focus being social issues, especially the ones born during pandemic-2020, the webinars are themed accordingly.

Vishwa Yuvak Kendra has reached a large population through different digital platforms and social media platforms. We are sharing a brief of the webinars conducted by Vishwa Yuvak Kendra.

Stress Management AMID COVID-19: Recover, Revive, Rejuvenate

(23rd June 2020)

The webinar focused on the effect of pandemic on the mental and emotional health of students. The tools and techniques to re-establish a stress-free life was discussed. The speakers also discussed about ways and methodologies to build a strong mental health and to produce opportunities for the youth to become a change maker in stressful situations. Educational institutions being shut due to pandemic has severely affected the mental and emotional health of students Considering these facts VYK organise webinar on the subject.