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The battle against COVID-19 has cropped many challenges. The pandemic has made COVID-19 safety protocol the ‘new normal’. It has caused hardships to all of us in all aspects of life, from sourcing essential supplies to accessing medical treatment and living as a social being. Challenges compound for people with special abilities, the divyangjans! This virus has come with diverse challenges, from medical complications to reduced functional ability. Differently abled people are double sufferers in these COVID-19 times as pandemic has impacted them as well as their caregivers.


VYK took a step forward in providing alms and support to the specially abled. This relief providing practice will help them overcome the sorrows due to COVID-19. A large population lost livelihood and starved for days and among them were also persons with disability. We, along with our Partner organizations, held hands with this population and provided them with dry ration and sanitary items. The project spans over 27 States and aims to provide relief to the specially abled and help them cope with the pandemic.


We are currently in our first phase of this project. It will take us 3 months to reach a large population of specially abled people (PWDs).

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Madhya Pradesh

Muzaffarpur, Bihar

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