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India is a welfare state and hence it is the duty of the government to take care of all the welfare activities meant for its people.  Apart from the government, there are many other stakeholders who contribute for the upliftment of society. The corporate sector is one of such stakeholders. Though corporate bodies have been involved in the development of the country since many years, it is only after the enactment of CSR law in 2014 that it has become mandatory for the eligible corporates to contribute at least 2% for the social cause. It has been observed that the corporate bodies are carrying out their responsibilities with due diligence.


To accelerate the work of corporates, it is pertinent to involve some other important stakeholders like NPOs, Academia etc. “Saksham: An Initiative to Engage, Enable and Empower” is a project aimed at capacity and knowledge enhancement of corporates, NPOs and academicians on the concept of CSR, launched by Vishwa Yuvak Kendra in collaboration with BOSCH, one of the most renowned multinational engineering and technology company in the world. The objective of the training programme is to discuss and devise how NPOs, academicians and corporates can come together and contribute jointly in the development of the society. It is a series of five training programmes of two-day duration each, focusing on various aspects of CSR.

Training Modules

Conceptualization & Regulatory Framework for CSR
Session Presentation
CSR Impact Assessment: Challenges & Opportunities for Corporate, Academia and NGOs
Session Presentation
Emerging Avenues of Skill Development: Role of Corporates, Academia and NPOs
Session Presentation